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" Politics is not my kind of game. I believe in a one-man show. I am a leader, I can't be a follower. I could have been a great political advisor though" ~ Subhash Ghai

Its nice to know that someone admires you so much. I only thought that he was a great painter. Hes won the Golden Bear Award for his earlier film, Through the Eyes of a Painter. During the making of Gajagamini, I understood the way he made films. He is quite remarkable. ~ Madhuri Dixit on M F Husain

"My daughter saw one of my scenes where I was topless. She said, Papa, aap nangein kyon ho? I was embarrassed. When shes not fully dressed, I reprimand her. I felt I had no right to preach what I could not follow". ~ Sunil Shetty

"I know there's a camera in my house but I don't want it in my bedroom and my bathroom." ~ Preity Zinta

"I haven't patented my acting style. So anybody is free to copy it as and when desired. Many actresses have already tried it, successfully or unsuccessfully." ~ Urmila Matondkar

"Kajol is a senior actress...I don't compare with her. Besides, she performed admirably in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai...all this comparison is being made, not because of our respective performances, but because we are cousins." ~ Rani Mukherjee

"I like being tall. I think it's an advantage being 5' 11" . You carry clothes so much better. In modelling, it's definitely an asset, but elsewhere people do react. Some of them even stare pointedly making note of your heels. It amuses me.

~ Pooja Batra

" Displaying the flesh... is an essential part of acting in Bollywood today. And I am not at all ashamed to do it. If people prefer peekaboo, I'll keep them satisfied. God has endowed me with an attractive body. Why should I hide it? " ~ Kashmira Shah

"There is nothing more than friendship between Ajay and me. I am starring in Ajay's home production Hindustan Ki Kasam. The cast was decided by Ajay's father, Veeru Devgun. Manisha and Kajol couldn't fit the role. I was the perfect match. This doesn't mean that I am going around with Ajay." ~ Sonali Bendre

"Delhi is very close to my heart. I lived near Bengali Market over a decade ago. I used to go to Manchanda's and pick up my tapes. Even now when I come visiting if I have the time I make it a point to go to Bengali Market and eat chaat.That's why when I get the chance to come to Delhi I don't miss it. This city has sweet memories of my childhood and teens.

"~ Manisha Koirala

" Nobody would dare to take a panga with Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Deol or Ajay Devgan. Because I'm not on the top, I'm treated like a punching bag." ~ Chandrachur Singh

"I'll prayer hard that India wins the World Cup. Because sometimes prayer do get answered. " ~ Raveena Tandon

"When I asked Imran Khan for an autograph he picked up his bat to hit me." ~ Shahrukh Khan

"I hope Anil Kapoor doesn't read this, but I don't like men with moustaches ~ Sushmita Sen

"Aamir and I have different ideas about acting. I think he feels I gave him a hard time. I'm sorry he feels that way ~ Naseeruddin Shah

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