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How to play our Bollywood word search puzzle Game.

Word search puzzles are great fun, yet they are very easy to play: Just find the words that have been hidden in the grid --up, down, forward, backward, or diagonally. Within a word search puzzle, words can overlap; i.e., a letter can be part of two or more words. To select a word, simply click on a letter and drag your cursor.

New Game Starts The new game.
Solve GameSolves the game in the Grid.

Click On the New Game to Start Bollywood Search Puzzle Game

Complete set of words to be searched in this puzzle :
Samar chatterjee , Sameer karnik , Sandeep kumar , Sangeeth sivan , Sanjay gadhvi , Bokadia , Sanjay gupta , Sanjay leela bhansali , Sanjay srinivas , Rajat rakshit , Rajeev kapoor , Rajendra kumar , Rajesh kumar singh , Rajesh singh , Raji rai , Rajiv rai , Rajkumar hirani , Satish kaushik , Satyen bose , Sawan kumar , Shaad ali , Shashilal nair , Shekhar kapoor

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