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Was Priyanka Chopra dating with Aryeman?
[Wed Sep 26, 2007]

The latest news emerged in Bollywood town is that- Did Priyanka Chopra date Aryeman?

You might say that who is Aryeman? Well he is not any superman kind thing, but he is a relatively lesser-known. Priyanka and Aryeman met first on the sets of 'The Hero'. The Hero was Priyanka's debut film, while Areyman was assisting the producer of the film.

Sources say that Chopp and Aryeman became good friends on the sets of 'The Hero'. They shared an excellent relationship, but some misunderstandings step in and they parted ways.

While speaking to one of the Mumbai tabloid, Aryeman admitted that he and Priyanka were good friends at one time. But they broke off due to misunderstandings created by other people. And today he looks at it as- let bygones be bygones.

Aryeman made his acting debut with 'Family - Ties Of Blood' last year and is looking forward to make career in acting itself.

Presently, Aryeman is happy dating with Sayali Bhagat (former Miss India). While rumors also have that Priyanka is dating newcomer Harman Baweja.