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Bollywood words starting with 'T'

ta'ajjub (n.m.) [A]: wondering, admiration, amazement, surprise
ta'alluq (n.m.) [A]: connection, relation, consideration
ta'areef (n.f.) [A]: explanation, description, praise, definition
ta'n (n.m.) [A]: blame, reproach, censure, chide
ta.nduru_st: healthy, fit
ta.nduru_stii (f.): health
ta.ng aanaa se: to be fed up with, tired of
taa'at (n.f.) [A]: obedience, devotion (plu. taa'aat)
taab (adj.) [A]: sweet, agreeable, pure, excellent
taab (n.f.) [P]: heat, power, endurance, rage
taabish (n.f.) [P]: heat, splendour, grief, sorrow
taaii (f.): wife of father's younger brother
taak (n.f.) [P]: look, regard, aim, view
taaki: so that, in order that
taalaa (m.): lock
taalib (n.m.) [A]: seeker, enquirer, lover, candidate
taaq (n.m.) [A]: arch, cupola, niche
taaqat (n.f.) [A]: strength, power, might
taar (m.): telegram, cable
taar denaa: to send a telegram
taariK (f.): date
taariif (f.): praise
taarik (adj.) [P]: dark, obscure
taarikh (n.f.) [A]: date, annals
taasir (n.f.) [A]: effect, impression
taauu (m.): father's younger brother
taazaa: fresh
taazah (adj.) [P]: fresh, new, tender, happy
tab: then
tabaah (adj.) [P]: ruined, spoiled, depraved, wretched
tabassum (n.m.) [A]: smile, smiling
tabdeel (n.f.) [A]: change
tabi'at (n.f.) [A]: nature, temperament, disposition
tabiyat (f.): health, disposition
tadbir (n.f.) [A]: deliberation, opinion, advice, arrangement, order
tai.ntaliis: forty-three, 43
tai.ntiis: thirty-three, 33
taiyaar (adj.) [P]: ready, prepared, finished, alert, ripe
taiyaar karanaa: to prepare
taiyaarii (f.): preparation
taiyyaar (adj.) [A]: ready
taj (n.m.) [P]: crown, tiara
tajribah (n.m.) [A]: experience, experiment, test, proof
tak: up to, as far as, until, even
takht (n.m.) [P]: throne, seat
takleef (n.f.) [A]: imposition of a burden, difficulty, inconvenience
talaaq (n.f.) [A]: divorce, repudiation
talaash (n.f.) [A]: search, inquiry, quest
talab (n.f.) [A]: search, inquiry, , wish, demand, request
talkh (adj.) [P]: bitter, acrimonious, pungent, unpalatable
talvaar (n.f.) [H]: sword
tamaam (adj.) [A]: entire, complete, perfect, end
tamaashaa (n.m.) [A]: entertainment, fun, amusement, sport, spectacle, show
tameez (n.f.) [A]: discernment, judgement, observance of etiquette
tan (n.m.) [P]: body
tanakhaah (f.): pay, salary
tangi (n.f.) [P]: narrowness, hardship, poverty
tanhaa (adj.) [P]: alone, solitary
tanqiH (n.f.) [A]: cleaning, investigation, inquiry, issue
tapaa.n (adj.) [P]: palpitating, throbbing
taqaazaa (n.m.) [A]: demanding settlement of a debt, importunity
taqaliif (f.): trouble
taqaliif denaa: to trouble, bother
taqdeer (n.f.) [A]: fate, luck
taqriban (adv.) [A]: approximately
taqvaa (n.f.) [A]: piety, abstinence, fear of God
taraanah (n.m.) [P]: harmony, symphony, a kind of song
taraf (n.f.) [A]: side, margin, direction
tarah (m.): manner, kind
tarah tarah kaa: of various kinds
taraqqii (f.): progress, advancement
taraqqii karanaa: to progress, advance
tarh (n.m.) [A]: manner, mode, form, design, plan
tariqah (n.m.) [A]: method, custom, path, way
tarjumaan (n.m.) [A]: interpreter
tarkaarii (f.): vegetable dish
tarkeeb (n.f.) [A]: composition, mixture, plan, mode, method
tarraqqee (n.f.) [A]: elevation, promotion, proficiency
tars (n.m.) [H]: compassion, pity, mercy
tars (n.m.) [P]: fear, terror
tarz (n.m.) [A]: manner, fashion, way
tasallee (n.f.) [A]: consolation, comfort, satisfaction
tasavvuf (n.m.) [A]: mysticism
tasavvur (n.m.) [A]: imagination, fancy, idea
tashariif laanaa: to grace a place with one's presenc
tashariif rakhnaa: to be seated
tashreef (n.f.) [A]: honoring
tasleem (n.f.) [A]: salutation, greeting, resignation, submission
tasveer (n.f.) [A]: picture, portrait, painting
tasviir (f.): picture
tathaapii: even then, still, yet
taubah (n.m.) [P]: repentance
taubah taubah (intj.): Heaven forbid!
tauheen (n.f.) [A]: disgrace, contempt, defamation, dishonor, insult
taur (n.m.) [A]: manner, condition, mode, state
teer (n.m.) [P]: arrow
tegh (n.m.) [P]: sword, dagger
teiis: twenty-three, 23
teraa: your, yours (intimate)
terah: thirteen, 13
tez (adj.) [P]: sharp, keen, caustic, pungent, swift, clever
thaa: was, were
thaanaa (m.): police station
thailaa (m.): bag
thakanaa: to be tired
thamaanaa: to hand over
the: were
thii: was, were
thii.n: were
tho.Daa: little, few
tho.Daa-bahut: a certain amount
tho.Daa-saa: a few, a little
thuukanaa: to spit
tihattar: seventy-three, 73
tiin: three, 3
tiis: thirty, 30
tiisaraa: third, 3rd
tiisaraa pahar: in the afternoon
tiraanave: ninety-three, 93
tiraasii: eighty-three, 83
tirpan: fifty-three, 53
tirsaTh: sixty-three, 63
tishnagi (n.f.) [A]: thirst, desire, longing
tithi (f.): date, lunar day
to: then, so, at any rate
to.Dnaa (t.): to break
toHfaa (n.m.) [A]: a gift
toofaan (n.m.) [A]: storm, tempest, hurricane
tu.Daanaa: to cause to break
tulanaa (f.): comparison
tum: you (fam)
turat: immediately
tuu: you (intimate)
tuufaan (m.): storm, typhoon
tyauhaar: festival, feast day
Ta.Nganaa: to hang, be suspended
TaTTii (f.): faeces, stool
TaTTii karanaa: to pass faeces
Taa.Ng (n.f.) [H]: the leg, a share
Taalanaa: to avert, postpone, put off
Tahalanaa: to stroll, amble
Taiksii (f.): taxi
Takaraanaa se: to collide
Takkar (n.f.) [H]: collision, encounter, rivalry, competition
Takkar laganaa se: a collision to take place
Talanaa: to be averted, postponed, put off
Tapaknaa (v.) [H]: to leak, to drip, to fall down (fruits)
TeRh (n.f.) [H]: crookedness
Tha.nD (f.): cold
Tha.nDaa (a.): cold
Thaharanaa: to stop, stay, wait
ThanD (n.f.) [H]: cold, chill
Thiik: all right, correct, fine, OK
Thiik karanaa: to fix, put right
Thiik samay par: punctually, at the right time
Thiik se: properly
Thiik tarah se: properly
Thiik-Thaak: all right, fine, shipshape
Thikaanaa (n.m.) [H]: fixed abode, proper place, goal, limit
Thokar (n.f.) [H]: obstacle, kick, stumble
TikaT (m.): ticket, stamp
TikaT ghar: ticket office
TooT (n.f.) [H]: breaking, fracture, loss
Tren (f.): train
TuTanaa (i.): to break
TukRaa (n.m.) [H]: a piece, a morsel, a part, fraction
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