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Bollywood words starting with 'P'

pa.Daa: lying
pa.Danaa: to fall, lie
pa.Dhaaii (f.): study, studies
pa.Dhaanaa: to teach
pa.Dhanaa: to read, study
pa.Dosii (m.): neighbour
pa.nDit (m.): learned man, pandit
pa.ndrah: fifteen, 15
paTTii (f.): bandage
paTTii baa.Ndhanaa: to apply a bandage
paa (n.m.) [P]: leg, foot, root of a tree
paa ba.nd (n.m): fettered, bound, subjugated
paa maal (adj.): trodden under foot, ruined
paa yaab (adj.): fordable, within man's depth
paa.Nch: five, 5
paa.Nchavaa.N: fifth, 5th
paa.Nv (m.): foot, leg
paa.Nv kii u.Ngalii (f.): toe
paaTh (m.): lesson, reading
paagal (adj.) [H]: mad, insane, idiotic, distressed
paagal (m.): mad, crazy, madman
paaii (f.): pie, 1, 3 of an old paisaa
paalanaa: to rear, bring up
paanaa: to find, obtain
paanii (n.m.) [H]: water, rain, lustre, character, honor
paanii pa.Dnaa: to rain
paar (n.m.) [H]: opposite bank, the end, termination
paar daari (n.f.): favor, partiality, favoritism
paas (n.m.) [P]: custody, regard, supervision
paas: nearby
paas baan (n.m.): guard, sentinel
pachaanaa: to digest
pachaanave: ninety-five, 95
pachaas: fifty, 50
pachaasii: eighty-five, 85
pachahattar: seventy-five, 75
pachapan: fifty-five, 55
pachchiis: twenty-five, 25
pad (m.): lyric poem, hymn
pad (m.): position, office
padhaaranaa: to grace (a place by arriving)
paga.Dii (f.): turban
pahaa.D (m.): mountain, hill
pahachaananaa: to recognise, identify
pahalaa: first
pahale: previously, ago, (at) first
pahale-pahal: for the first time
pahananaa: to wear, put on
pahar (m.): 8th part of a day, 3-hour periode
pahloo (n.m.) [P]: side, advantage, flank of an army
pahuu.Nchaanaa: to convey, cause to reach, deliver
pahuu.Nchanaa: to reach, arrive at
pai.nsaTh: sixty-five, 65
pai.ntaaliis: forty-five, 45
pai.ntiis: thirty-five, 35
paidaa honaa: to be born, produced
paidal: on foot
paighaam (n.m.) [P]: message, news, advice
paikeT (m.): packet
paimaan (n.m.) [P]: promise, agreement, oath, confirmation
pair (m.): foot
paisaa (m.): money, 1, 100 of a rupee
pak (adj.) [P]: pure, holy, immaculate, chaste, undefiled
paka.Dnaa: to catch, grab, hold
pakaanaa (t.): to cook
pakeezah (adj.) [P]: pure, clean, neat
pakkaa: ripe, cooked, well-made
pal (n.m.) [H]: a moment
pala.ng (m.): bed
palaTanaa: to turn over, turn back
palak (n.f.) [H]: eyelash, a moment, an instant
panaah (n.f.) [P]: protection, asylum, refuge
pannaa (m.): page
par: but
par: on, at (etc.)
par se: from on
para.ntu: but
paradaa (m.): curtain, purdah
paraknaa (v.) [H]: to examine, to test
paraso.n: the day before yesterday, tomorrow
parastish (n.m.) [P]: worship
paravaah (f.): concern, care, heed
paravaah karanaa: to care
pardah (n.m.) [P]: curtain, screen, veil, secrecy, privacy
pareshaan (adj.) [P]: troubled, distracted, distressed
pareshaan: worried, anxious
parichay (m.): introduction, acquaintance
parichay karanaa: to introduce
pariikshhaa (f.): examination
pariikshhaa denaa: to sit an examination
parivaar (m.): family
parivash (adj.) [P]: fairy-like, beautiful
parvaanah (n.m.) [P]: moth, lover, warrant, permission
parvarish (n.f.) [P]: fostering, rearing, sustenance, protecting
pasa.nd (f.) [P]: pleasing, favourite, liking
pasa.nd karanaa [P]: to choose, prefer, like
pashachim (m.): western, west
pashemaan (n.f.) [P]: penitent, repentant, ashamed
pasinaa (n.m.) [H]: perspiration, sweat
pataa (m.): address
pataa chalanaa: to become aware of, learn of
patalaa: thin, slender
pati: husband
patidev (m.): husband
patnii (f.): wife
patohuu (f.): son's wife
patr (m.): letter, paper
paudhaa (m.): plant
paun: three-quarters, 3, 4
paunaa: three-quaters, 3, 4
paune: a quarter to, less a quarter
paushh (m.): the month Paus (Dec-Jan)
pavitr: pure, sacre, holy
payaam (n.m.) [P]: message
pe.D (m.): tree
pe.nsil (f.): pencil
peT (m.): stomach
peshaab (m.): urine
peshaab karanaa: to urinate
peshaab-ghar (m.): toilet, urinal
peshaah (n.m.) [P]: craft, trade, profession
pha.Nsanaa: to be involved, caught up
phaTanaa: to be torn, split
phaa.Dnaa: to tear, split, cleave
phaagun (m.): the month Phaalgun (Feb-Mar)
phaalgun (m.): the month Phaalgun (Feb-Mar)
phailanaa: to spread
phal (m.): fruit
phe.nkanaa: to throw
phepha.Daa (m.): lung
pheriivaalaa (m.): hawker
phernaa: to turn, return
phiikaa: tasteless, dull, unsweetened
phir: then, again
phir bhii: even so
phirnaa: to turn, return, wander
phuul (m.): flower
phuuphaa (m.): husband of father's younger sister
phuuphii (f.): father's younger sister
pi.njaraa (m.): cage
pichhalaa: previous, last
piiTh (f.): back
piichhaa (m.): rear part, pursuit
piichhe: behind, after
piilaa: yellow
piinaa: to drink, smoke
pilaanaa: to give to drink
pitaa: father
pleTafaarm (m.): platform
potaa (m.): son's son
potii (f.): son's daughter
praNaam (m.): respectful greetings
praayaH: usually, often, almost
prabhu (m.): lord
prabhu kaa pyaara hona: to go to heaven
prachalit: current
pradesh (m.): province, state
pradhaan ma.ntrii (m.): prime minister
prakaar (m.): variety, kind, manner, way
prakaash (m.): light
pramukh: principal, chief, main
prasann: pleased, happy
prasha.nsaa (f.): praise
pratishat: per cent
pravesh karanaa: to enter
prayog (m.): use
prem (m.): love
prem karanaa se: to love
priy: dear, favourite
priyvar: dearest
prograam (m.): programme
pukaarnaa: to call, call out
pulis (f.): police
punashach: PS, postscipt
puraanaa: old (not of people)
pustak (f.): book
puu.Njii (f.): capital, investment
puuchh-taachh (f.): inquiry, investigation
puuchh-taachh karana se: to enquire, make enquiries
puuchhanaa: to ask
puujaa (f.): worship, adoration
puujy: revered
puuraa: full, complete, whole
puuraa honaa: to be complete
puuraa karanaa: to complete
puurv (m.): east
puus (m.): the month Paus (Dec-Jan)
pyaalaa (m.): cup
pyaar (m.): love
pyaar karanaa se: to love
pyaaraa (m.): dear, beloved, dear one
pyaas (f.): thirst
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