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Bollywood words starting with 'M'

mR^ityu (f.): death
ma'loom (adj.) [A]: known, evident, clear
ma'mool (adj.) [A]: governed, prepared, customary
ma'nee (n.m.) [A]: meaning, intent, signifcance, reality, essence
ma'shooq (n.m.) [A]: beloved, sweetheart
ma.Ngvaanaa: to order, ask for, buy
ma.ndir (m.): temple
ma.ngal (m.): Tuesday
ma.ngalvaar (m.): Tuesday
maHabbat (n.f.) [A]: love, friendship
maHboob (adj.) [A]: loved, lovely
maHboob (n.m.) [A]: lover, friend, sweetheart
maHboobah (n.f.) [A]: mistress, sweetheart
maHboos (adj.) [A]: confined, imprisoned
maHdood (adj.) [A]: limited, bounded, finite
maHfil (n.f.) [A]: congregation, assembly
maHfooz (adj.) [A]: kept safe, guarded, secure, memorized
maHjoob (n.m.) [A]: modesty, shame, bashfulness
maHroom (adj.) [A]: deprived, unlucky, prohibited, disappointed
maHsood (adj.) [A]: envied, hated
maHsoos (adj.) [A]: felt, perceived, sensible
maHzooz (adj.) [A]: pleased, delighted, rich, contented
ma_ii (f.): May
maa (adv.) [A]: which, what, that which, whilst, during...
maa Haul (n.m.): surroundings, environs
maa ba'd (adj.): following
maa faat (adj.): what is past or dead
maa varaa (adj.): what is beyond or behind
maa.N (f.): mother
maa.N-baap (m.): parents
maa.Ng (f.): demand
maa.Nganaa: to demand, ask for
maa.Ns (m.): meat
maaf karanaa: to pardon, forgive
maagh (m.): the month Maagh (Jan-Feb)
maah (n.m.) [P]: the moon, month
maah jabeen (adj.): a beautiful person
maah paaraa (adj.): handsome, beloved
maah taab (n.m.): moonlight
maah vash (adj.): having a face as beautiful as the moon
maahir (adj.) [A]: skilled, expert, master, excel
maal (n.m.) [A]: riches, property, merchandise, revenue
maal (m.): goods, produce, stuff, property
maalik (n.m.) [A]: master, lord, owner, God
maalik (m.): boss, proprietor, master
maaluum: known
maamaa (m.): maternal uncle
maamalaa (m.): matter, affair
maamii (f.): wife of maternal uncle
maamuulii: ordinary, commonplace
maananaa: to accept, agree, believe
maananiiy: revered, respected
maani' (n.m.) [A]: impediment, hinderance, objection, stopper
maano.n: as though, as if
maar (f.): beating
maar khaanaa: to undergo a beating
maarch (m.): March
maarnaa: to beat, hit, kill
maas (m.): month
maatR^ibhaashhaa (f.): mother tongue
maataa (f.): mother
maataa-pitaa (m.): parents
maatam (n.m.) [A]: mourning, grief
maathaa (m.): forehead
maayoos (adj.) [A]: without hope, disappointed
machchhar (m.): mosquito
machchharadaanii (f.): mosquito net
madaar (n.m.) [A]: circumference, orbit, station, dependence
madad (n.f.) [A]: help, assistance, reinforcement, wages
madad (f.): help
madhosh (adj.) [A]: intoxicated, astonished
madhur: sweet, melodious
maflook (adj.) [A]: indigent, beggarly, destitute
maftoon (adj.) [A]: tempted, enamored, charmed, mad (with love)
magar (conj.) [P]: unless, perhaps, except, but, however
magar: but
maghloob (adj.) [A]: conquered, subdued
maghroor (adj.) [A]: proud, arrogant
maghz (n.m.) [P]: brain, pith, intellect
maha.Ngaa: expensive
mahaatmaa (m.): saintly; saint
mahal (m.): palace
mahasuus karanaa: to feel, experience
mahattv (m.): importance
mahattvapuurN: important
mahiinaa (m.): month
mahiine ke mahiine: month by month
mahilaa (f.): lady
mahoday: sir
mahodayaa: madam
mahtaab (n.m.) [P]: moonlight
mai (n.f.) [P]: wine, liquor
mai kadah (n.m.): bar, tavern
mai khaanah (n.m.): bar, tavern
mai.n: I
maidaan (n.m.) [A]: open field, battlefield, ground
mailaa: dirty
majaal (n.f.) [A]: power, strength, stability, opportunity
majabuur: helpless, compelled
majabuur karanaa par: to compel
majma' (n.m.) [A]: congregation, assemblage, crowd, collection
majnoo.n (adj.) [A]: insane, madly in love
majrooh (adj.) [A]: wounded, hurt, smitten
makaan (n.m.) [A]: house, place, habitation
makhboot (adj.) [A]: mad, insane
makhmal (n.m.) [A]: velvet
makhmoor (adj.) [A]: intoxicated, drunk
makkaar (adj.) [A]: cunning, artful, deceitful
makkhan (m.): butter
maknoon (adj.) [A]: hidden, concealed
malaal (n.m.) [A]: sadness, grief, langor, fatigue
malaamat (n.f.) [A]: censure, rebuke
malamaas (m.): leap month
malool (adj.) [A]: sad, depressed, tired, bored
namaste (f.): greetings, goodbye
mameraa bhaaii (m.): maternal cousin
mamerii bahin (f.): maternal cousin
man (m.): mind, heart
man karanaa: to feel at home
mana' (n.m.) [A]: prohibition, refusal, hindrance, forbidding
manaa: forbidden, prohibited
manaa karanaa: to forbit, prohibit
manaanaa: to celebrate (festival, holiday)
manish (n.f.) [P]: heart, mind, soul, magnanimity, pride
mantrii (m.): minister
manzar (n.m.) [A]: countenance, visage, sight, aspect, scene
manzil (n.f.) [A]: day's journey, destination, storey, house
manzoor (adj.) [A]: admired, chosen, approved, accepted, granted
maqaal (n.m.) [A]: word, speech, saying, proverb
maqaam (n.m.) [A]: dwelling, station, position, basis
maqbarah (n.m.) [A]: tomb, grave
maqbool (adj.) [A]: accepted, chosen, grateful
maqsad (n.m.) [A]: intention, purpose, aim, goal, desire
maqsood (adj.) [A]: intended, proposed
marammat (f.): repair
maranaa: to die
marazii (f.): wish, preference
mard (n.m.) [P]: man, male, hero, husband
mareez (n.m.) [A]: patient
marghoob (adj.) [A]: desired, beautiful
marhalah (n.m.) [A]: stage, inn, day's journey, difficulty
marham (n.m.) [A]: ointment, salve, cure
marhoom (adj.) [A]: dead, deceased
mariiz (m.): patient
marmar (n.m.) [G]: marble
marqoom (adj.) [A]: written, inscribed
martabah (n.f., m.) [A]: degree, office, class, order
masaalaa (m.): Spice
masal (n.f.) [A]: proverb, example
mash'al (n.f.) [A]: torch, lantern
mash_huur: famous
mashhoor (adj.) [A]: noted, famous, reported, proclaimed
masroor (adj.) [A]: glad, cheerful, pleased
mast (adj.) [P]: drunk, intoxicated
mat: do not
matalab (m.): meaning; motive, selfinterest
matin (adj.) [A]: strong, solid, vigorous, obstinate
matlab (n.m.) [A]: object, aim, meaning, motive, wish, desire
matrook (adj.) [A]: abandoned, obsolete, rejected
matvalaa (adj.) [A]: intoxicated, inebriated
mauj (n.f.) [A]: wave, surge, enjoyment, ecstasy, caprice, plenty
maujood (adj.) [A]: present, existing, at hand, ready
mauqa' (n.m.) [A]: occasion, opportunity, place, situation
mauqaa (m.): opportunity, chance, occasion
mausaa (m.): husband of maternal aunt
mausam (n.m.) [A]: season, time, weather
mausii (f.): maternal aunt
maut (n.f.) [A]: death, mortality
mazaa (m.): pleasure, fun
mazaa aanaa: to enjoy, have fun
mazaa lenaa: to enjoy
mazaaq (n.m.) [A]: joke, taste, relish, perception
mazaaqiyaa: witty, funny, humorous
mazaar (n.m.) [A]: shrine, tomb, grave
mazaduur (m.): labourer
mazah (n.m.) [P]: taste, relish, enjoyment, pleasure
mazboot (adj.) [A]: strong, firm, resolute, valid
mazhab (n.m.) [A]: religion, sect, doctrine
mazloom (adj.) [A]: injure, oppressed, wronged
me.n: in
me.n se: from amongst, out of
me.nDhak (m.): frog
me.nh (m.): rain
mehamaan (m.): guest
mehanat (f.): hard work, labour
meharabaanii (f.): kindness
melaa (m.): fair
meraa: my, mine
mez (f.): table
miHnat (n.f.) [A]: labor, toil, difficulty, trial
miThaaii (f.): sweet, sweetmeat
miThaas (f.): sweetness
mihmaan (n.m.) [P]: guest
mihrbaani (n.f.) [P]: favor, kindness
miiTar (m.): meter
miiThaa: sweet
miil (f.): mile
milaanaa: to bring together, unite, mix
milanaa se: to meet; to be available
milanaa-julanaa se: to associate, mix, resemble
milanasaar: friendly, sociable
minaT (m.): minute
misaal (adj.) [A]: simile, likeness, metaphor, example
mitr (m.): friend
mizaaj (n.m.) [A]: mixture, temperament, humor, pride
mizaaj (m.): mood, temperament
mo.D (m.): bend, turning, fold
mo.Danaa: to turn
moHzoon (adj.) [A]: grieved, vexed
moTaa: fat, coarse
mol-bhaav karanaa: to bargain, haggle
mom (n.m.) [P]: wax
moojib (n.m.) [A]: cause, reason
mu'aahid (n.m.) [A]: ally, confederate
mu'ijzah (n.m.) [A]: miracle
mu.Dnaa: to turn
mu.Nh (m.): face, mouth
muHaafiz (n.m.) [A]: protector, guardian, guard
muHallah (n.m.) [A]: quarter(of a city), street, ward
muHsin (n.m.) [A]: patron, benefactor
muHtaj (adj.) [A]: needy, poor, defective
mua'yyid (adj.) [A]: corroborative, confirmatory
mubaahaat (n.m.) [A]: contending for glory, boasting, arrogance
mubaarak (adj.) [A]: auspicious, blessed, felicitation
mubtada (n.m.) [A]: commencement, principle
mudaam (adv.) [A]: eternally, always, continually
muddat (n.f.) [A]: period(of time)
mufeed (adj.) [A]: profitable, beneficial, useful
muflis (adj.) [A]: poor, indigent, bankrupt
muft (adj.) [P]: free, gratis
muft me.n: free of charge
muhaajir (n.m.) [A]: refugee, emigrant
muhallaa (m.): locality, area of town
muhlat (n.f.) [A]: retarding, delay, respite, leisure
mujrim (adj.) [A]: criminal, culpable, faulty
mujrim (n.m.) [A]: felon, criminal, sinner
mukaddar (adj.) [A]: turbid, muddy, sullen, gloomy, vexed
mukarrar (adv.) [A]: repeatedly, again
mukh: mouth, face
mukhtasar (adj.) [A]: concise, abbreviated
mukhy: main, principal, chief
mukti (f.): liberation, salvation
mulaa'im (adj.) [A]: soft, tender, gentle, placid
mulaaqaat (n.f.) [A]: meeting, encounter, interview, visit
mulaazim (n.m.) [A]: servant, aide
mulk (n.m.) [A]: nation, realm, territory
mumakin (adj.) [A]: possible, feasible
mumtaaz (adj.) [A]: exalted, eminent, chosen
munHasir (adj.) [A]: surrounded, besieged, dependent, resting
munaasib (n.f.) [A]: proper, suitable, fit, apt, congruous
muqaabil (adj.) [A]: opposite, converse, against, matching
muqaabilaa karanaa se: to compete, compare
muqaddam (adj.) [A]: antecedent, prior, superior, chief
muqaddar (n.m.) [A]: fate, destiny, predestination
muqarrar (adj.) [A]: established, fixed, certain, customary, permanent
muqir (adj.) [A]: confessing, admitting, acknowledging
muraad (n.f.) [A]: desire, will, intention, vow, tenor, meaning
murchchhaa (f.): fainting
murdah (adj.) [P]: dead, weak, decrepit
murshid (n.m.) [A]: teacher, spiritual guide
musaafir (n.m.) [A]: traveller, stranger
musaafir (m.): traveller
musalamaan (m.): Mulim
museebat (n.f.) [A]: misfortune, calamity, adversity, evil
mushkil (adj.) [A]: difficult, intricate, hard, painful
mushkil (f.) [A]: difficulty
mushkil se: with difficulty, barely
musiibat (f.): difficulty, calamity
muskaraanaa: to smile
muta'assib (adj.) [A]: prejudiced, partial, superstitious
mutaHammil (adj.) [A]: affable, tolerant, patient, passive
mutaassif (adj.) [A]: sorrowful, repentant, grieving
mutabassim (adj.) [A]: smiling, laughing
mutaqbiq (adj.) [A]: conformable, suitable, like, in accordance with
mutaraddid (adj.) [A]: hesitant, perplexed, wavering, grieved
mutavaqqi' (adj.) [A]: expecting, hopeful
muu.Ngaphalii (f.): peanut
muurti (f.): idol, image, statue
muyassar (adj.) [A]: facilitated, easy, possible, feasible
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