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Bollywood words starting with 'H'

ha.Dtaal (f.): strike
ha.Dtaal karanaa: to strike, come out on strike
ha.Nsanaa: to laugh
ha.Nsii (f.): laughter
ha.Nsii-mazaaq karanaa: to laugh and joke
ha.ngaam (n.m.) [P]: season, time, period
ha.ngaamah (n.m.) [P]: tumult, riot, uproar, confusion, disorder
haDDii (f.): bone
haa'ilah (adj.) [A]: terrible, horrible
haa.Nk (f.): calling aloud
haa.Nkanaa: to call aloud, urge on
haadi (n.m.) [A]: guide, leader, director
haal (m.): condition, state
haalaa.Nki: although
haalah (n.m.) [A]: halo, nimbus, circle round the moon
haalat (f.): condition, state
haamoon (n.m.) [P]: desert, plain, level ground
haar (n.f.) [H]: loss, defeat, fatigue
haar (n.m.) [S&P]: necklace, garland
haaranaa: to be defeated, lose
haath (n.m.) [H]: hand, arm, clutches, power, slap, reach
haath aanaa: to come to hand
haathii: elephant
haatif (n.m.) [P]: angel, voice from heaven
haaviyah (n.m.) [A]: the lowest region of hell
hadaf (n.m.) [A]: target, goal, object
haftaa (m.) [P]: a week
hai: is; are (with tuu)
hai'at (n.f.) [A]: astronomy, face, figure;commission, delegation
hai.n: are
hairaan: perplexed
hakaazah (adv.) [A]: similarly
hal (m.): solution
hal karanaa: to solve
halaak (adj.) [A]: ruined, destroyed
halaak (n.f.) [A]: ruin, destruction, slaughter, death
halakaa: light (of weight, color, etc.)
ham (conj.) [P]: also, likewise, together, with, similar
ham: we
ham batn (adj.): related by blood
ham batn (n.m.): blood-relation, close ally
ham bazm (adj.): of the same society
ham dard (n.f.): sympathizer, partner in adversity
ham jalees (adj. ): close friend
ham jolee (n.f. ): playmate, equal, peer, friend
ham mazhab (adj.): coreligionist
ham nasheen (n.m.): playmate, associate
ham raah (n.m.): fellow-traveller
ham raaz (adj.): confidant
ham saayah (n.m.): neighbor
ham saaz (adj.): friendly, unanimous
ham safar (n.m.): fellow-traveller
ham taa (adj.): equal, alike
ham zabaa.n (adj.): unanimous, of the same language
hamaaraa: our, ours
hameshaa: always
hameshaah (adv.) [P]: always
har (adj.) [P]: all, every, each
har baar (adv.): every time
har dam (adv.): every moment
har ek (adj.): every one
har jaa'ee (adj.): vagabond, faithless
har koii: everyone
haraa: green
harek: every, each
hargiz (adv.) [P]: ever, never
hariyaalii (f.): greenery, verdure
harj (n.m.) [A]: tumult, sedition, trouble, loss, harm, injury
haryaalee (n.f.) [H]: greeness, freshness, grass
harzah (adj.) [P]: nonsense, absurd, frivolous, vain
hastaakshhar (m.): signature; "signed"
hasti (n.f.) [P]: life, existence
hatauRa (n.m.) [H]: sledgehammer
hatauRee (n.f.) [H]: small hammer
hathelee (n.f.) [H]: palm of the hand
hathyaar (n.f.) [H]: tool, weapon
haul (n.m.) [A]: terror, horror, fright
havaa (n.f.) [A]: wind, breeze, air, atmosphere
havaa (f.): air, wind, breeze
havaaii Daak (f.): air mail
havaaii aDDaa (m.): airport
havaaii jahaz (m.): aeroplane
havas (n.f.) [A]: ambition, desire, lust
hazaa (pron.) [A]: this
hazaar (m.): a thousand
hazl (n.m.) [A]: joke, jest, pleasantries
heeraa (n.m.) [H]: diamond
hema.nt (m.): winter
hibah (n.m.) [A]: gift, bequest, grant
hidaayat (n.f.) [A]: instruction, guidance, righteousness
hii: only (etc.)
hijr (n.m.) [A]: separation, absence from one's country
hijrat (n.f.) [A]: separation, flight (flight of the Prophet from Mecca to Medina)
hilaal (n.m.) [A]: new moon, the crescent
himmat (n.f.) [A]: spirit, mind, courage, desire, design
hindii (f.): Hindi
hindustaanii: Indian
hinduu: Hindu
hiraas (n.m.) [P]: fear, terror, confusion, sorrow, disappointment
hisaab (m.): rate, account, calculation
hissaa (m.): part, portion
hitaishhii (m.): well-wishing; well-wisher
hituu (m.): well-wishing; well-wisher
ho: are (with tum)
hoTal (m.): hotel, cafe
holii: Holi (springtime festival)
holii khelanaa: to celebrate Holi
honaa: to be, become
hosh (n.m.) [P]: sense, mind, understanding
huboot (n.m.) [A]: decline, downfall, descent
hujoom (n.m.) [A]: crowd, mob, tumult, assault, attack
humaa (n.m.) [P]: eagle, phoenix, bird of Paradise
humaayun (adj.) [P]: august, royal, fortunate
hunar (n.m.) [P]: skill, art
hushyaar (adj.) [P]: intelligent, alert, awake
huu.N: am
huzuur: your honour, sir
Haadisah (n.m.) [A]: accident, occurence, calamity, misfortune
Haakim (n.m.) [A]: ruler, governor, judge, an official
Haal (n.m.) [A]: state, condition, narrative, circumstance
Haalat (n.f.) [A]: condition, state, circumstance (plu. Haalaat)
Haatim (n.m.) [A]: generous (derived from Haatim Tai)
Haazir (adj.) [A]: present, ready, in attendance
Habeeb (n.m.) [A]: beloved, sweetheart, comrade, friend
Hadd (adv.) [A]: very, at most, utmost point
Hadd (n.f.) [A]: boundary, limit
Hads (n.m.) [A]: novelty, innovation
Hairaan (adj.) [A]: amazed, confounded, perplexed, worried
Haiseeyat (n.f.) [A]: rank, capacity, merit, status, prestige
Hakeem (n.m.) [A]: wise man, doctor, philosopher
Halaal (adj.) [A]: legal, permitted
Hamlah (n.m.) [A]: attack, assault, invasion
Haqeeqat (n.f.) [A]: truth, reality, narration, condition
Haqq (adj.) [A]: just, truth, right
Haraam (adj.) [A]: unlawful, forbidden
Haraarat (n.f.) [A]: heat, fever, ardor, fervor, zeal
Haseen (adj.) [A]: beautiful, elegant, charming, handsome
Hashmat (n.f.) [A]: state, dignity, pomp, retinue
Hasrat (n.f.) [A]: regret, intense sorrow, desire, longing
Hausalah (n.m.) [A]: capacity, courage, spirit, resolution, desire
Havaalah (n.m.) [A]: charge, custody, care
Havaas (n.m.) [A]: the senses
Hayaa (n.f.) [A]: modesty, shame
Hayaat (n.f.) [A]: life, existence
Hazm (n.m.) [A]: firmness of mind, resolve
Hazrat (n.m.) [A]: dignity, a title of respect
Hiddat (n.f.) [A]: sharpness, fury, acrimony, poignancy
Hifaazat (n.f.) [A]: guarding, security, safety
Hijaab (n.m.) [A]: veil, modesty, bashfulness, night
Hikmat (n.f.) [A]: wisdom, knowledge, cleverness, device
Himaayat (n.f.) [A]: protection, patronage, support, defence
Hirs (n.f.) [A]: eager, greediness, desire, ambition
Hisaab (n.m.) [A]: reckoning, account, computation, rate, sense
Hisaar (n.m.) [A]: fort, enclosure, fence
Hissah (n.m.) [A]: share, portion, lot
Hizaaqat (n.m.) [A]: Intelligence, wisdom
Hoor (n.f.) [A]: virgin of Paradise, nymph
Hoorriyat (n.f.) [A]: emancipation, freedom
Hubb (n.f.) [A]: love, friendship, desire, affection, wish
Hudood (n.m, f.) [A]: boundaries, penal laws
Hukm (n.m.) [A]: order, decree, statute, law
Husn (n.f.) [A]: beauty, elegance
Husool (n.m.) [A]: acquisition, profit, advantage, achievement
Huzn (n.m.) [A]: grief, sadness, sorrow
Huzoor (intj.) [A]: Your Highness!
Huzoor (n.m.) [A]: presence of superior authority
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