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Bollywood words starting with 'd'

dR^ishy (m.): scene
da'vaa (n.m.) [A]: claim, law suit, charge, demand, accusation
da'vat (n.f.) [A]: invitation, banquet
da.ngaa (m.): riot
daa'im (adj.) [A]: perpetual, permanent
daa.Nt (m.): tooth
daaKil honaa: to be admitted, enter
daad (n.m.) [P]: justice, appeal, revenge, praise
daadaa (m.): paternal grandfather
daadaa-daadii (m.): paternal grandparents
daadii (f.): paternal grandmother
daagh (n.m.) [P]: scar, blemish, stain, calamity, grief, loss
daahinaa: right (of direction)
daakhil (adj.) [A]: entering
daal (f.): pulse, lentil
daam (n.m.) [H]: price, value
daam (n.m.) [P]: net, snare
daamaad (f.): daughter's husband
daaman (n.m.) [P]: skirt, foot of a mountain, a lap
daanaa (adj.) [P]: wise, learned
daanish (n.f.) [P]: knowledge, science, learning
daanistah (adv.) [P]: knowingly
daar (n.m.) [A]: house, country
daar (n.f.) [P]: gallows, a piece of wood
daar (suff.) [P]: having, holding
daaraa (n.m.) [P]: holder, sovereign, king
daaroo (n.f.) [H]: alcohol
daaroo (n.f.) [P]: medicine, remedy
daastaan (n.f.) [P]: story, fable, tale
daf'a (n.f.) [A]: time, turn, section, class
dafaa (m.): time, occasion
dafn (n.m.) [A]: burial, concealment
daftar (m.): office
daghaa (n.f.) [P]: deceit, treachery, delusion
dakhl (n.m.) [A]: entrance, access, reach, skill
dakshhiN (m.): south
dam (n.m.) [P]: breath, vitality, moment, edge of a sword
dar (n.m.) [P]: door, gate, entrance
dar (prep.) [P]: in, into, within, to, about, by
daraaz (adj.) [P]: long, tall, extended
daraaz (f.): drawer
darbaar (n.m.) [P]: court (royal)
darbaar (m.): royal court
dard (n.m.) [P]: pain, affliction, sympathy, compassion
dard karanaa (i.): to hurt
darjan (m.): a dozen
darkhvaasht (n.f.) [P]: request, petition, appeal
darmiyan (n.m.) [P]: middle, midst, interval
dars (n.m.) [H]: sight, view, look
darshan (m.): sight, view
darvaazaa (n.m.) [P]: door, gate
darya (n.m.) [P]: a large river, sea
das: ten, 10
dastoor (n.m.) [P]: custom, usage, manner, rule
dau.D (f.): race
dau.Danaa: to run
daulat (n.f.) [A]: riches, fortune, happiness, cause, means
daur (n.m.) [A]: revolving, period, cycle, orbit
davaa (n.m.) [A]: medicine
davaa (f.) [H]: medicine
davaaKaanaa (m.): pharmacy, dispensary
dayaa (f.): pity, mercy, compassion
deedaar (n.m.) [P]: sight, interview
deedah (n.m.) [P]: the eye
deen (n.m.) [A]: faith, religion
deevaanah (n.m.) [P]: madman
deevaar (n.f.) [P]: a wall
dehaant (m.): death, demise
dekhabhaal (f.): care, supervision
dekhanaa: to see, look
denaa: to give
der (f.): delay, lateness, periode of time
der honaa: to get late
der se: late
desh (m.): country, region
devar: husband's younger brother
devaraanii (f.): wife of husband's elder brother
dha.ndhaa (m.): occupation, business, work
dhan (m.): wealth
dhanyavaad (m.): thanks, thank you
dharm (m.): faith, religion, righteous duty
dharmapatnii (f.): wife
dhiire-dhiire: slowly, gradually
dhobii (m.): washerman
dhokhaa (m.): deceit, trickery
dhokhaa denaa: to deceive, dupe
dhonaa: to wash (clothes)
dhuaa.N (m.): smoke
dhulanaa: to be washed
dhuup (f.): sunshine
dhuup khaanaa: to bask in the sun, enjoy the sun
dhyaan (m.): attention
dhyaan se: attentively
diikhanaa: to be seen, appear
diivaalii (f.): Diwali, festival of the lamps
diivaar (f.): wall
dikhaaii denaa, pa.Danaa: to appear, seem, come into sight
dikhaanaa: to show
dikhanaa: to be visible, be seen
dil (n.m.) [P]: heart, soul, courage, generosity, wish
dil (m.): heart
dil aavar (adj.): brave, valiant
dil band (adj.): charming, attractive
dil chasp (adj.): interesting, pleasing, delightful
dil daar (adj.): charming, beloved
dil daar (n.m.): sweetheart
dil daari (n.f.): consolation
dil doz (adj.): heart-piercing
dil fareb (adj.): charming, alluring, enticing, beautiful
dil figaar (adj.): melancholy
dil geer (adj.): melancholy
dil kash (adj.): attractive, winning
dil kharaash (adj.): heart rending
dil laganaa: to feel content, feel at home
dil lagi (n.f.): amusement, diversion
dil navaaz (adj.): soothing (the mind)
dil rubaa (adj.): fascinating, alluring
dil rubaa (n.m.): sweetheart
dil shaad (adj.): cheerful
dil sokhtah (adj.): grieved, suffering
dil soz (adj.): touching, pathetic, passionate, ardent
dilaanaa: to cause to be given
dilaasaa (n.m.) [P]: consolation, encouragement
dilachasp: interesting
dilbar (adj.): lovely, sweetheart
dimaagh (n.m.) [A]: brain, intellect, airs, conceit
din (m.): day
din bhar: all day long
din-ba-din: day by day
diqqat (n.f.) [A]: difficulty, intricacy, minute point
diqqat (f.): difficulty, trouble
disa.nbar (m.): December
diyaar (n.m.) [A]: country, region
do: two, 2
dobaaraa: again, a second time
dono.n: both, the two
door (adj.) [P]: distant, remote, far
dopahar: midday, noon
dost (n.m.) [P]: friend, lover
du'aa (n.f.) [A]: blessing, prayer, wish
duHkh (m.): sorrow, distress, suffering
duaa (f.): prayer, good wishes
dubalaa: thin, weak
dubalaa-patalaa: scrawny, "lean and thin"
dukaan (f.): shop
dukaanadaar (m.): shopkeeper
dukhanaa: to hurt, ache
duniyaa (f.) [A]: world
dupaTTaa (m.): scarf
durghaTanaa (f.): accident
durr (n.m.) [A]: pearl
durusht (adj.) [P]: rough, hard, rigid, oppressive, fierce
durust (adj.) [P]: right, proper, well, safe, precise
dushman (n.m.) [P]: enemy
dushnaam (n.f.) [P]: abuse, invective
dushvaar (adj.) [P]: difficult
duudh (m.): milk
duur (f.): far, distant, distance
duusaraa: second, other
duzd (n.m.) [P]: thief
dvaaraa: by, by means by, by means of
Daabar (n.m.) [H]: lake, pond, water pot
Daak (f.): post
Daak ghar (m.): post office
Daak khaanaa (m.): post office
DaakTar (m.): doctor
Daakaa (n.m.) [H]: robbery
Daalanaa: to pour, put, cast
Dagar (n.f.) [H]: path, road
Dar (n.m.) [H]: fear
Darnaa: to fear, be afraid of
De.Dh: one an a half
Dhaabaa (m.): small cafe, food stall
Dhaaii: two and a half
Dher (m.): heap, pile, mass
Dhuu.N.Danaa: to look for, search, trace
Dibbaa (m.): train compartment
Draaivar (m.): driver
Duubanaa (i.): to sink, drown
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