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Bollywood words starting with 'B'

bR^ihaspati (m.): Thursday
bR^ihaspativaar (m.): Thursday
ba (prep.) [P]: by, with, from, in, into, to, on, upon, for, upto
ba.Daa: big
ba.De-buu.Dhe (m.): elders
ba.Dhanaa: to increase, advance
ba.Dhyaa: fine, excellent, of good quality
ba.NTanaa: to be distributed, shared, divided
ba.NTanaa: to distribute, share out
ba.Ndhanaa: to be tied, fastened
ba.Nh (f.): arm
ba.Nkaa: crooked, bent
ba.nba_ii (f.): Bombay
ba.nd: closed
ba.nd honaa (t.): to close
ba.nd karanaa (i.): to close
ba.ndagi (n.f.) [P]: devotion, worship, service
ba.ndar (m.): monkey
ba.ndhu (m.): kinsman, brother
ba.ndhuvar (m.): kinsman
ba.ndish (adj.) [P]: composition, elegance of style, plan, obstruction
ba.nduuq (m.): gun
ba.ngalaa (f.): the Bengali language
baGal (f.): side, flank, armpit
baGichaa (m.): garden (small)
baHaal (adj.) [A]: status quo, refreshed, happy
baHs (n.f.) [A]: dispute, argument, debate, controversy
baRhiyaa (adj.) [H]: superior, of good quality, expensive
baa (prep.) [P]: with, by, possessed of
baa.Dh (f.): flood
baa.nkaa (adj.) [H]: curved, crooked, sly, cunning
baab (n.m.) [A]: door, gate, chapter, topic, subject
baabaa (m.): grandfather
baabul (n.m.) [H]: father
baachiit (f.): conversation, dialogue, negotiation
baad (n.f.) [P]: wind, air, breeze
baad: later
baad me.n: afterwards, later
baadah (n.m.) [P]: wine, spirits
baadal (n.m.) [H]: cloud(s)
baadiyah (n.m.) [A]: wilderness, desert
baadiyah (n.m.) [P]: goblet, cup
baadshaah (n.m.) [P]: emperor, king
baagh (n.m.) [P]: garden, orchard, grove
baagh (m.): tiger
baahar: outside
baaiis: twenty-two, 22
baal (m.): child
baal (m.): hair
baal baa.Nka na honaa: to escape unhurt
baal-bachche (m.): children, family
baalaTii (f.): bucket
baalak (m.): child
baalam (n.m.) [S]: a lover, sweet-heart, husband
baam (n.m.) [P]: upper storey, terrace, balcony
baan (suff.) [P]: signifying keeper or guardian
baanave: ninety-two, 92
baano (n.f.) [P]: lady, gentlewoman
baap (m.): father
baaqee (adj.) [A]: remaining, lasting
baaqee (n.f.) [A]: residue, remainder, arrears
baaqii (f.): remaining, left over, remainder
baar (n.m.) [H]: time, turn, chance, opportunity, delay, obstacle
baar (n.m.) [P]: burden, load, permission, grief, court
baarah (n.m.) [P]: time, turn, about, in regard of
baarah: twelve, 12
baareek (adj.) [P]: fine, slender, delicate, difficult, subtle
baarish (n.m.) [P]: rain
baarish honaa: to rain, rain to fall
baasaTh: sixty-two, 62
baat (n.f.) [H]: word, saying, speech, tale, news, question, business, proposal,
point, gossip, substance
baat: thing, matter, idea, thing said
baat karanaa se: to talk, converse
baate.n honaa: a conversation to take place
baavan: fifty-two, 52
baayaa.N: left (direction)
baaz (adv.) [P]: again, back, refusing
baaz (n.m.) [P]: falcon
baaz (suff.) [P]: denotes doer, agent
baazaar (n.m.) [P]: market, bazaar
baazaar garam honaa: to be doing brisk business
baazaaree (adj.) [P]: common, low, vulgar, relating to the market
baazii (n.f.) [P]: sport, game, wager, turn (in a game)
baazichah (n.m.) [P]: toy, fun, sport
baazoo (n.m.) [P]: arm, fold of a door, flank of an army
bachaanaa: to save, rescue
bachanaa: to be saved, escape, survive
bachapan (m.): childhood
bachchaa (m.): child
bad (adj.) [P]: bad, wicked, evil
bad akhtar (adj.): unfortunate
bad anjaam (adj.): having a bad end
bad chalan (adj.): of bad conduct, ill-mannered, immoral
bad du'aa (n.f.): curse, malediction
bad khvaab (n.m., f.): nightmare
bad m'aash (adj.): roguish
bad naam (adj.): disreputable, notorious, ignominous
bad naseeb (adj.): unfortunate, unlucky
bad sirat (adj.): ill-tempered
bad soorat (adj.): ugly
bad tar (adj.): worse, inferior
badal (n.m.) [A]: exchange, change, substitution
badalanaa: to change
badan (n.m.) [A]: body
badhaaii (f.): congratulations, felicitations
badlaa (n.m.): exchange, retaliation, revenge
badmaash (m.): rogue, villain
badr (n.m.) [A]: full moon
baghaavat (n.f.) [A]: revolt, rebellion, disloyalty
baghal (n.f.) [P]: armpit, side
bahaadur (adj.) [P]: brave, valiant, high-spirited
bahaanah (n.m.) [P]: excuse, pretext, evasion, reason
bahaar (n.f.) [P]: spring, prime, bloom, beauty, glory, delight
bahan (f.): sister
bahanoii (m.): sister's husband
bahattar: seventy-two, 72
bahin (f.): sister
bahut: very, much, many
bahut-saa: much, quite a lot
bahuu (f.): daughter-in-law, wife
bai.nk (m.): bank
baiThaa: sitting, seated
baiThaanaa: to make sit
baiThanaa: to sit
bairaa (m.): waiter, "bearer"
baisaakh (m.): the month Vaisaakh (Apr-May)
bait (n.f.) [A]: couple, verse
bait (n.m.) [A]: house, abode
bajaanaa: to play (an instrument)
bajanaa: to resound, ring, chime
bakhshish (n.f.) [P]: gift, donation, reward, alms, tip
bakht (n.m.) [P]: good fortune, luck, prosperity
baksaa (m.): box
balaa (n.m.) [A]: calamity, distress, trial, misfortune
balki (?.): but rather
banaanaa: to make
bananaa: to become, be made
bandah (n.m.) [P]: slave, servant, individual, man
baraabar (adj.) [P]: equal, even, level, alike, opposite, accurate
baraabar [H]: constantly, continuously
baraamdaa (m.): verandah
bardaasht (n.f.) [P]: endurance, tolerance, patience
bardaasht karanaa: to tolerate, endure, stand
barf (f.): snow, ice
barkat (n.f.) [A]: abundance, prosperity, blessing, auspiciousness
barsaat (n.f.) [H]: rain, rainy season
bas (adj.) [P]: sufficient, enough, plenty
basa.nt (m.): spring season
basanaa: to settle, inhabit, be situated
basar (n.f.) [A]: sight, vision, the eye
baseraa (n.m.) [H]: roosting, a night's lodging, shelter
bashar (n.m.) [A]: man, mortal
basheer (adj.) [A]: a messenger of good news
bast (n.m.) [P]: obstacle, knot, asylum, sanctuary
bataanaa: to tell
battii (f.): light, lamp
battiis: thirty-two, 32
bayaabaan (n.m.) [P]: desert, wilderness
bayaaliis: forty-two, 42
bayaan (n.m.) [A]: description, statement, account
bayaasii: eighty-two, 82
bazm (n.f.) [P]: assembly, company (at a feast or entertainment)
be 'izzat (adj.): without honor or respect
be (pref.) [P]: without, void of
be Hadd (adj.): endless, boundless
be Hayaa (adj.): shameless, impudent, bare-faced
be a.ndaazah (adj.): unlimited, endless
be aabroo (adj.): dishonorable
be adab (adj.): rude, unmannerly
be bas (adj.): helpless, weak
be chain (adj.): restless, uneasy
be daad (n.f.): iniquity, injustice, oppression
be daagh (adj.): spotless, without blemish, innocent
be dard (adj.): without feeling, pitiless, merciless
be fikr (adj.): free from care or worry
be gham (adj.): happy, without sorrow
be gunaah (adj.): innocent, guiltless
be hosh (adj.): unconscious
be hunar (adj.): unskilled
be i'tibaar (adj.): untrustworthy, discredit
be iHtiyaati (n.f.): incautiousness
be ikhtiyaari (n.f.): helplessness, without choice
be imaan (adj.): faithless, liar, cheat
be imtiyaaz (adj.): indiscriminating
be insaaf (adj.): unfair, unjust
be ittifaaqi (n.f.): discord, disunity
be jaan (adj.): lifeless
be jurm (adj.): faultless
be kaar (adj.): idle, unemployed, useless
be kas (adj.): friendless, lonely
be khabar (adj.): uninformed, ignorant, stupid
be khataa (adj.): faultless, innocent
be khud (adj.): enraptured, in ecstasy, delirious, senseless
be ma'ni (adj.): meaningless, absurd
be naam (adj.): without name, character or reputation
be naseeb (adj.): unfortunate
be nazir (adj.): unequalled, matchless, unique
be pardah (adj.): unveiled, immodest, exposed
be parvaa (adj.): heedless, indifferent, above want
be qadr (adj.): worthless
be qaraar (adj.): uneasy, restless, unsettled
be qusoor (adj.): innocent, not guilty
be rahm (adj.): merciless, cruel
be riyaa (adj.): without guile, candid, sincere
be saaz (adj.): without tools or apparatus
be sabab (adj.): without cause or reason
be sabr (adj.): impatient
be sakhtah (adj.): artless, unaffected, natural, plain
be sharm (adj.): shameless, immodest
be taab (adj.): restless, powerless, impatient
be taaqat (adj.): powerless
be taasir (adj.): ineffectual, useless
be tameez (adj.): indiscreet, rude, uncultured
be vafaa (adj.): faithless, ungrateful, treacherous
be vajh (adj.): without cause
be vaqoof (adj.): foolish, stupid, dolt
be zaar (adj.): disgusted, displeased
be zabaan (adj.): dumb, speechless, modest
be zar (adj.): destitute, poor
beTaa (m.): son
beTii (f.): daughther, girl
bechaaraa: poor, wretched, helpless
bechanaa: to sell
bedaar (adj.) [P]: awake, alert, vigilant
begaanah (adj.) [P]: strange, alien, foreign
behatar: better
bekaar: useless, out of work, unemployed
beshak: of course
bevaquuf (m.): foolish, fool
bezaar (adj.) [P]: displeased, angry, out of humor
bha_ii: eh, well, etc.
bhaa.Njaa (m.): sister's son
bhaa.Njii (f.): sister's daughter
bhaabhii (f.): brother's wife
bhaado.n (m.): the month Bhaadrapad (Aug-Sep)
bhaadrapad (m.): the month Bhaadrapad (Aug-Sep)
bhaag (m.): part, portion
bhaaganaa: to run, flee, escape
bhaaii (m.): brother
bhaanaa: to fill; to be filled
bhaarat (m.): India
bhaarat sarkaar (f.): the Indian Government
bhaaratavarshh (m.): India
bhaaratiiy (m.): Indian
bhaarii: heavy
bhaashhaa (f.): language
bhaav (m.): rate, price
bhagavaan (m.): God
bhagavadgiitaa (f.): Bhagavad Gita
bhaiyaa (m.): brother
bhatiijaa (m.): brother's son
bhatiijii (f.): brother's daughter
bhavadiiy, bhavadiiyaa: yours sincerely, yours faithfully
bhaya.nkar: terrible, fearful
bhe.nT (f.): gift; meeting
bhejanaa: to send
bheshh (m.): appearance, guise
bhii: also, too; even
bhii .. bhii: both .. and
bhii.D (f.): crowd
bhii.D-bhaa.D (f.): hustle and bustle
bhiitar: inside, within
bhikhaarii (m.): beggar
bhinn: different
bhojan (m.): food
bhojan karanaa: to eat, dine
bhool (n.f.) [H]: forgetfulness, omission, mistake, lapse, fault
bhool bhulayyaa.n: a maze, labyrinth
bhuukh (f.): hunger
bhuulakar bhii: even by mistake
bhuulanaa: to forget
bhuut (m.): ghost
bi (prep.) [A]: by, with, from, in, into, near, on, for, towards
biga.Danaa: to be spoiled, to lose temper
bii.Dii (f.): small cigarette rolled in leaf
biich (m.): middle
biich me.n: meanwhile, in the meantime
biimaar: ill
biimaarii (f.): illness
biis: twenty, 20
biitanaa: to pass, be spend (of time)
biivii (f.): wife
bijalii (f.): electricity, lightning
bikanaa: to be sold
bilakul: absolutely
billaur (n.m.) [P]: crystal, crystal glass, transparent
billii (f.): cat
bimaar (adj.) [P]: sick, ill
biraadarii (f.): community, fraternity
bisaat (n.f.) [A]: bedding, carpet, chess board, extent, capacity
bismil (n.m.) [P]: sacrificial animal, a lover
bistar (n.m.) [P]: bed, bedding
bitaanaa: to spend, pass (time)
bolanaa: to speak, say
bood (n.f.) [P]: being, existence
botal (f.): bottle
braahmaN (m.): Brahmin (priestly caste)
braj bhaashhaa (f.): Braj Bhaashaa (Hindi dialect)
brek (m.): brake
bu.Dhiyaa (f.): old woman
buKaar (m.): temperature, fever
buaa (f.): aunt, father's sister
buddhuu (m.): foolish, fool
budh (m.): Wednesday
budhavaar (m.): Wednesday
bukhaar (n.m.) [A]: steam, temperature, fever, rage
bulaanaa: to call, invite
buland (adj.) [P]: high, lofty, sublime, exalted, tall, loud
bunyaad (n.f.) [A]: foundation
buraa: bad
burii tarah se: badly
buu.Dhaa: old (of people)
buujhanaa: to understand
buzurg (adj.) [P]: great, venerable, aged, noble, elderly
byoraa (m.): details, particulars
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