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Bollywood words starting with 'A'

a.ndar (prep.) [P]: within, inside, inward
a.ndhaa: blind
a.nguur (m.): grape
a.nt (m.): end
a.ntar (m.): difference
aHzaan (n.m.) [A]: sorrows (plu. of huzn)
aKabaar (m.): newspaper
aTThaanave: ninety-eight, 98
aTThaasii: eighty-eight, 88
aTThaavan: fifty-eight, 58
aTak (n.f.) [H]: obstacle, obstruction
aThaaiis: twenty-eight, 28
aThaarah: eighteen, 18
aThahttar: seventy-eight, 78
aTho.n pahar: all day long, constantly
aa bood (adj.): nonexistent, annihilated, extinct
aa'inah (n.m.) [P]: mirror
aa.NguuThaa (m.): thumb
aa.NguuThii (f.): finger-ring
aa.Nkh (f.): eye
aa.Nkho.n (f.): eyes
aa.nch (n.f.) [H]: flame, warmth, fervor, loss, grief
aa.nchal (n.m.) [H]: corner of the 'dopaTTa' worn by women
aa.ndhee (n.f.) [H]: dust-storm, hurricane
aa.nsoo (n.m.) [H]: tears
aaKir (m.): end, after all, at last
aaTh: eight, 8
aaThavaa.N: eighth
aab (n.f.) [P]: splendor, elegance, polish, brightness, temper(steel),
lustre(gems), sharpness(sword)
aab (n.m.) [P]: water
aab havaa (f.): climate
aab-e-aa'inah (n.f.): polish of a mirror
aab-e-chashm (n.m.): tears
aab-e-talkh (n.m.): bitter water, tears, wine
aabaad (adj.) [P]: populated, inhabited, peopled, prosperous, happy
aabhaarii: grateful, indebted
aabroo (n.f.) [P]: honor, fame, good name, dignity
aadaab (n.m.) [A]: manners
aadaab arz (m.): greetings
aadar: respect
aadaraNiiya: respected, worthy of respect
aadat (n.f.) [A]: custom, habit, usage, practice, manner
aadh: half
aadhaa: half
aadhiiraat (f.): midnight
aadil (adj.) [A]: just, sincere, righteous
aadmii (n.m.) [P]: man (lit. offspring of Adam)
aadmiyyat (n.f.) [A]: humanity, human nature, civility
aafaat (n.f.) [A]: evils, disasters, misfortunes (plu. of aafat)
aaftaab (n.m.) [P]: sun
aag (n.f.) [H]: flame, fire (fig. anger, passion, love, lust)
aage: forward, ahead, hereafter
aage chalakar: in future, from now on
aaghosh (n.f, m.) [P]: embrace, lap, bosom
aagrah karanaa: to insist
aagrahaayaN: the month Agrahayan (Nov-Dec)
aah (n.f.) [P]: sigh
aahistaa (adv.) [P]: softly, leisurely, slowly
aaj (m.): today
aajakal: nowadays
aajiz (adj.) [A]: powerless, weak, helpless, dejected
aakaash (m.): sky
aakhaaz (n.m.) [P]: commencement, outset, beginning
aakhir (adj.) [A]: last, final
aalaap (n.f.) [H]: conversation, preparatory tuning
aalam (n.m.) [A]: world, universe, regions, public, beauty, period
aalasii: lazy, lethargic
aali (adj.) [A]: high, sublime, exalted, grand
aalim (adj.) [A]: learned, wise, intelligent
aam (adj.) [A]: common, public, general, ordinary (plu. 'awaamm)
aam (m.): mango
aam taur par: generally, usually
aana.nd (m.): joy, pleasure
aanaa: to come
aap (pron.) [H]: self, selves, respectful term of address
aapas me.n: with one another, mutually
aaqibat (adv.) [A]: finally, at last
aaqibat (n.f.) [A]: end, conclusion, future life
aaqil (adj.) [A]: wise, sensible
aara'ish (n.f.) [P]: decoration, adornment, beauty
aara.nbh (m.): beginning
aara.nbh karanaa: to commerce, begin
aaraa (adj.) [P]: embellishing, adorning
aaraam (n.m.) [P]: rest, repose, respite, relief, ease, comfort
aaraam karanaa: to rest
aaraam se: comfortably, easily
aaraam-kursii (f.): armchair
aarzoo (n.f.) [P]: yearning, desire, wish, longing
aas (n.f.) [H]: longing, desire, hope, faith, shelter, refuge
aas-paas: near about
aasaan (adj.) [P]: light, facile, easy
aasaanii (f.): ease
aasaanii se: easily
aasamaan (m.): sky
aashaa (n.f.) [S]: desire, hope, longing
aashchary (m.): surprise
aashhaa.Dh (m.): the month Ashar (Jun-Jul)
aashiq (n.m.) [A]: lover, suitor
aashiyaa.n (n.m.) [P]: nest, house
aashnaa (n.m.) [P]: aquaintance, friend, lover
aashuftah (adj.) [P]: perplexed, careworn, distracted, confused
aashvin (m.): the month Ashvin (Sep-Oct)
aasim (n.m.) [A]: sinner, culprit
aasmaan (n.m.) [P]: heaven, sky
aasmaani (adj.) [P]: heavenly, celestial, azure
aasoodah (adj.) [P]: opulent, rich, satisfied
aasraa (n.m.) [H]: means of subsistence, protection, shelter
aatish (n.f.) [P]: fire
aatmaa (n.f.) [S]: soul, spirit, mind
aavaaraa (m.): loafer
aavaarah (adj.) [P]: without home
aavaarah (n.m.) [P]: wanderer, vagrant, destitute
aavaaz (n.f.) [P]: noise, sound, cry, shout, voice
aavaazah (n.m.) [P]: rumor, fame, report, reputation
aavashyak: necessary
aavashyakataa (f.): necessity, need
aayandah (adj.) [P]: hereafter, in the future
aayu (f.): age
aaz (n.f.) [P]: ardent desire, lust, covetousness
aazaad (n.f.) [P]: free, unrestrained
aazaadii (f.): freedom, independence
aazardah (adj.) [P]: annoyed, dejected, uneasy, gloomy, sad
aazim (adj.) [A]: determined, resolute
aazmaa'ish (n.f.) [P]: trial, experiment, testing, proving
ab (adv.) [H]: now, presently
ab kii baar: this time
abad (n.f.) [A]: eternity
abas (adj.) [A]: useless, profitless, trifling, idle
abd (n.m.) [A]: slave, servant of God
abhii: right now
abhii tak: yet, up to now
abhilaashhaa (f.): desire
abnaa' (n.m.) [A]: sons (plu. of ibn)
abr (n.m.) [P]: cloud
abroo (n.m.) [P]: eyebrow
absaar (n.m.) [A]: eyes (plu. of basr)
abtar (adj.) [P]: ruined, scattered, worthless
achaanak: suddenly
achchhaa: good
achchhii tarah se: well
adaa (n.f.) [A]: payment of debt, settlement
adaa (n.f.) [P]: charm, grace, beauty
adaalat (n.f.) [A]: court of justice, tribunal, justice, law
adam (n.m.) [A]: non-existence, nothing, annihilation
adhik: much, more
adhik se adhik: at the most
adhikaar (m.): right, authority
adhikaarii (m.): official
adhimaas (m.): leap month
adhyaapak (m.): teacher
adib (n.m.) [A]: learned, man of letters
afsaanah (n.m.) [P]: tale, legend, fiction
afsos (n.m.) [P]: regret, remorse, dejection
afsurdah (adj.) [P]: melancholy, depressed
agahan: month of Agrahayan (Nov-Dec)
agalaa: next
agar (conj.) [P]: if, in case
agarache: although
agast: August
aghlaat (n.f.) [A]: mistakes (plu. of ghalat)
aghyaar (n.m.) [A]: strangers, rivals (plu. of ghair)
aisaa: of such a kind, thus, so
aise: thus, so, in this way
aish (n.m.) [A]: pleasure, delight, luxury, enjoment
aiyaash (adj.) [A]: luxurious, rakish, addicted to pleasure
ajab (adj.) [A]: wonderful, amazing, strange, rare
ajab (n.m.) [A]: wonder, astonishment
ajanabii (m.): stranger
ajeeb (adj.) [A]: wonderful, surprising, rare, admirable, unique
ajnabee (n.m.) [A]: stranger, foreigner, alien
akbar (adj.) [A]: greatest (sup. of kabir)
akelaa: alone
akelaapan: loneliness
akhbaar (n.m.) [A]: news, newspaper
akhz (n.m.) [A]: grasping, seizing, taking
aksar (adj.) [A]: most, much, many, frequent
aksar (adv.) [A]: frequently, usually, generally, often
aksar: often, usually
aktuubar (m.): October
al (art.) [A]: the
alag: separate, apart
alamaarii (f.): cupboard, almirah
aleem (adj.) [A]: wise, learned
alfaaz (n.m.) [A]: words (plu. of lafz)
almo.Daa (m.): Almora
amR^itasar (m.): Amritsar
amaanat (n.f.) [A]: something given in trust, deposit, security
amalan (adv.) [A]: practically, truly
amerikaa (m.): America
amiir: rich, wealthy
ammaa.N (f.): Mother, Mummy
anaath (m.): orphan
andaazah (n.m.) [P]: measurement, guess, rough estimate
anjaam (n.m.) [A]: end, conclusion, result, issue
anjuman (n.f.) [P]: assembly, meeting, society, council
anpa.Dh: illiterate
apanaa: one's own
apanaanaa: to adopt, make one's own
aprail (m.): April
aql (n.m.) [A]: intellect, reason, knowledge
arazii (f.): application
arazii denaa (t.): to apply
are: Oh!, Hey!, Come off it!
arjmand (adj.) [P]: exalted
armaan (n.m.) [P]: desire, yearning, wish
arsh (n.m.) [A]: roof, canopy, highest heaven
arth (m.): meaning, sense, money
arz (n.f.) [A]: land, region, earth
arz (n.f.) [A]: petition, request, exposition, review
as-haab (n.m.) [A]: lords, masters (plu. of saahib)
as.nbhav: impossible
asaa.D: the month Asarh (Jun-Jul)
asaas (n.f.) [A]: foundation
asad (n.m.) [A]: lion
asal me.n: in fact, actually
asalii: real, genuine
asar (n.m.) [A]: mark, sign, trace, effect, influence
asar pa.Dnaa (p.): to effect
asbaab (n.m.) [A]: causes, motives, means
asfaar (n.m.) [A]: voyages, travels (plu. of safar)
ashfaaq (n.m.) [A]: favors (plu. of shafaq)
ashk (n.m.) [P]: tearS
ashqiyaa' (n.m.) [A]: cruel, heartless (plu. of shaqi)
asir (n.m.) [A]: prisoner, captive
asl (n.m.) [A]: root, foundation, essence (plu. usool)
asli (adj.) [A]: original, genuine, real, true
aspataal (m.): hospital
asqaam (n.m.) [A]: evils, weaknesses, defects (plu. of suqm)
asraar (n.m.) [A]: secrets (plu. of sirr)
assii: eighty
asuvidhaa (f.): inconvenience
atf (n.m.) [A]: kindness, favor, affection, present
atfaal (n.m.) [A]: children, offspring (plu. of tifl)
atr (n.m.) [A]: perfume
atyant: extremely
aulaad (n.f.) [A]: children (plu. of walad)
auqaat (n.f.) [A]: status, position
auqaat (n.m.) [A]: times (plu. of waqt)
aur: and, more
aur koii: someone else, some other
aur kuchh: something else
aurat (n.f.) [A]: woman, wife, nudity
avaam (n.m.) [A]: populace, common people (plu. of 'aam)
avakash (m.): leisure, leave, free time
avashy: certainly
avwaal (adj.) [A]: first, excellent, best
azaab (n.m.) [A]: torment, pain, punishment
azal (n.f.) [A]: eternity, without beginning
azeem (adj.) [A]: great, high in dignity, large
azeez (adj.) [A]: dear, beloved, honored, respected, worthy
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